Multi Clouds & Solutions management

Include self-developed cloud solutions and 3rd party services in the spending management infrastructure to offer your customers a single pane of glass to track and manage cloud costs.

Integrate Custom Services

Add and manage custom services as part of the Customer Spending Dashboard directly in cloud costs, for example a "Managed Backup Service" which includes storage, compute power and data transfer costs.

Import Custom Spending Reports automatically

Are you operating SAP, Oracle or other expensive services in Azure for your customers? Integrate the spending report for the offered services automatically based on our powerful data import capabilities.

Hide Azure Resources in spending portal & report

Replace the bare resource costs for a managed service with the spending information of the managed service as self to not confuse your customers. This increases transparency and makes the spending report easier to understand for your customer.

Include other clouds – AWS, SendGrid, Google*

Are your customers in transition to Azure? Just add the spendings from other cloud providers e.g. AWS or Google directly to cloud costs via our powerful import capabilities.

* coming soon