Offer billing portal capabilities

Staying on top of the cloud usage is easy for your customers when their KPIs are right in front of them. Our Spending Dashboard provides a clear and crisp overview, containing all important cost- and usage-KPIs at a glance for all of your cloud customers and partners.

Customer Spending Dashboard

Powerful spending dashboard to track and govern spendings in the hand of your customers. Offering an azure billing portal for your CSP customers increases trust and helps to build a strong relationship.

Continuous Spending Estimation & Trend Analytics

Cloud Costs offers a continuously running Day-by-Day analysis of the customers spendings to estimate their monthly costs. Trend Analytics shows cost- and usage-trends based on previous spendings centrally. This enables you & your customers to react instantly and avoid unnecessary upcoming costs in the mid- and long-term future.

Mail Reports, Cost Alerts & Budget Limits

Mail Reports provide your customers information about their Azure cloud costs, conveniently on a daily basis. This enables them to give the target audience in their enterprise the cost- and KPI-information needed. If their Azure account exceeds budget limits, automatic mail-notifications are send to assure that your customers stay within set quotas.

Cloud Costs Enterprise Plan for everybody

Every managed customer get’s access to the Cloud Costs Enterprise Plan automatically. This allows your customers to track spendings, optimize costs and govern their finances. The feature can be offered as a value added service (VAS)